Cream Colored Ponies and Crisp Apple Strudels

by Karen

My weekend wasn’t filled with cream colored ponies or crisp apple strudels, but it was a pretty good weekend nonetheless. On Friday night, we finally we watched the season finale of Portlandia while eating handfuls of popcorn, which resulted in me craving marion berry pancakes – did this happen to anyone else? On Saturday we pitched in at our church for some spring cleaning and then tackled the monster weeds in our front yard. Big plans to cook out were thwarted by a discussion about our favorite pizza place in Watertown, NY (Cams for inquiring minds) and we ended up ordering a pie for dinner. And yesterday was spent working on small projects around the house in the afternoon. Boo-yah.


Because it is Monday, warm, and almost spring, I thought I would share some of my current favorite things that are making me smile as of late. Don’t worry, no dresses will be made of curtains and no nuns will be harmed in the process (I have always wondered what became of the nuns who stole engine parts from the Nazi’s cars…). But before we get down and dirty, I must disclose that growing up I had a serious crush of Captain von Trapp. Like visited in my dreams crush. I know that I am not alone in this sentiment. Forget Fredrich, I was all about Georg Ludwig. While I ended up not falling for an Austro-Hungarian Navy officer, I did manage to snag a United States Army officer so all is not lost. I haven’t made Clay sing Edelweiss to me yet, but we’ve only been married seven years so there is still plenty of time to channel our inner Captain and Maria. So honey, you better get practicing on that guitar.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion

My legs are scary pale and laying in a tanning bed is about appealing as letting a gila monster latch on to my wrist for a couple of hours. I’ve been using the above self-tanning lotion for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been very pleased with the results – it doesn’t streak, smell, or look orange.

Ann Taylor Loft Marisa Cotton Twill Shorts with 4″ Inseam

For me, finding a pair of shorts that fit properly is a bit like a Kardashian finding their dignity – damn near impossible. However, these shorts are my summer uniform. I have three pair in blue, khaki, and black and will probably buy another color or two this season. They’re perfect – loose enough to be casual and dressy enough for me to look put-together and not homeless while out and about. A win-win.

Revlon Red Nail Polish

Yes, the color is actually called Revlon Red. It has been my go to toenail color polish for the past couple of years. It may be boring and typical but why mess with a great thing? I hate seeing my toes without any polish on them, probably because they’re quite troll looking (seriously, they are frightening). And during the spring & summer, my toes are on display approximately 93% of the time.

Rainbow Sandals

Which brings me to my next favorite thing – Rainbow sandals. I never wore Rainbows in college because the population I despised most (Clemson fraternity boys) wore them with their button down shirts, pleated khakis, and croackies. And smug aroma. Therefore I hated the sandals by association. It wasn’t until 2006 that I finally broke down and bought a pair. I’ve been wearing them ever since that glorious day.

Goody Ouchless Headwraps

My hair is thick. Super thick. Ridiculously thick. So thick that regular ponytail holders do not work – they either break or fall out. Therefore, I must use these thin elastic headwraps (pretty much just a giant ponytail holder) to hold my hair. I wrap it around a couple of times and viola, a style that stays put. A bonus is that I can use the headwraps as actual headwraps when I am working out and such. I realize that my blog just may have hit an all time low due my discussion of ponytail holders but they really are one of my favorite things!

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