I wish…

by Karen

… I didn’t have cankles. I’m pretty sure my ankles and calves qualify for at least the diet coke of cankles. As much as I promote a positive body image and all that jazz, I just can’t come up with anything positive about cankles.

… this amazing weather will stay forever. It is a breezy 80 degrees and I don’t even mind that my legs resemble a sparkly vampire streaked with sunless tanner. But come August we will be rockin’ three digit temperatures, causing us to stick to (faux) leather chairs. Hopefully Uncle Sam comes through for us and we will be spending part of the summer in a different location other than Lawton, Oklahoma (no, we’re not moving).

… our master bathroom didn’t depress me so much. Because it needs an overhaul and there are more pressing matters that our occupying our money and time at this moment. Seriously guys, it is  uglier than Bernie Madoff’s soul. At least it isn’t scamming us out of money. I hope.

… Parks & Recreation wasn’t on hiatus. I am going through Swanson and Ben Wyatt withdrawal.

… new computers grew on trees. But they don’t.

And finally, I wish my ‘regular’ face looked happier. Anyone else have this problem?

{source = blog.krisatomic.com via Pinterest}

Have a wonderful weekend! Our will be filled with volunteering, yard work (the state of our property is bordering on embarrassing), and something green.