Thank You Max Factor

by Karen

Did you know that Max Factor produced the first commercially released concealer in 1938? Thank goodness for that saucy devil Max Factor because I am caking on the concealer this morning. With Clay away and Weston coughing more than a 40-year smoker and cutting molars, this momma isn’t getting much sleep. It probably doesn’t help that I ate three four brownies last night while judging Hollywood elite skinnier and richer than me.


Pigment of the Gods.


I just hope I don’t look like Elizabeth Mitchell while running my errands. Yikes.

My weekend was filled with garage organization, bathroom painting, cabinet and counter refinishing, and revamping a desk. Also a lot of toddler wrangling. Lots and lots of wrangling. I also spent $15 at the Ft. Sill Thrift Shop and came home with a desk chair and two chairs for the little guy. More to come on all of these (not so? maybe so?) exciting developments. I must admit, I sometimes feel quite lame for blogging about our little home improvement projects.

So with the following fantastic message, I bid you a fantastic monday filled with caffeine, can-do attitude, and a refreshed spirit. Today is trash day so Weston is excitedly waiting for the garbage truck so he can wave to the sanitation workers . May we all greet today with the same level of appreciation. Happy Monday!

{via Pinterest, source unknown)