A Handful of Pictures

by Karen

Thank you for the comments yesterday; I enjoyed reading some of the favorite books in all of your households and made note of all the recommendations.  With today being Friday and the weekend almost upon us, I thought I’d share some pictures I’ve taken this past week. I’m really trying to work on my four goals, and have been pulling out the camera more often.

Hmmm, I may just take my picture like this more often.

It certainly makes me look skinnier than in real life.

Homemade granola was on the menu earlier in the week. How crunchy!

Weston discovered that our backyard is filled with all sorts of ‘cool stuff’.

I learned the hard way that I MUST check the pockets of Weston’s pants before throwing them in the laundry…

The weather was more like spring than winter. Puxatony Phil, who?

Weston was exposed to the world of watercolors.

We’re still working on it…

We finally tried a Lawton institution.

We enjoyed the warmer temperatures as much as possible.

(Please ignore the horrid state of our yard.

Obviously, the previous owners weren’t big on maintenance.)

And finally, we worked with Weston on proper form for throwing a football.

You know, the important things in life.

How was your week?

Weston and I are flyin’ solo for a chunk of time so I’m using my free nights to engage in some home improvement debauchery. Hopefully I’ll have some exciting (to me, at least) reveals throughout the next week. Ooooooh yeah, baby.