Stone Fireplace + TV = Creative Solutions

by Karen

One of the aspects of this house that sealed the deal for us was the stone fireplace. We were immediately enamored and wanted to get to know it better. More importantly, we wanted to make it ours. As you’re aware, after a couple of weeks of negotiation and a long closing period, we moved in at the beginning on January. Since then, we have been using the hearth as a makeshift television stand.

Yes – play with the bubble wrap and forget that the television is within prime grabbing range…

Not only is not aesthetically pleasing, it also is the perfect height for slimy toddler hands, and it makes it impossible to actually use the fireplace. No bueno. No bueno at all.

As you can see, the fireplace is stone with a 6.5 inch removable wood mantle (we were toying with the idea of switching it out for a thinner mantle, which is why you see a board in the picture with Weston). The mantle rests on two outstretched stones about  5.5 feet high. When we first moved in, we put our television on the mantle and quickly discovered that it was way too high for comfortable visual junk food intake, much to our disappointment. Obviously, this would have been the most simple solution but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Hello neck ache.


It can be done!

We considered putting the television on the perpendicular wall to the right of the fireplace and reconfiguring our couch, but the competing focal points proved to be too much and it really disrupted the floor of the room. Personally, I am so glad this solution was a no-go because I’m a sucker for televisions mounted above fireplaces. Yes, it is trendy but that isn’t aways a bad thing.

We had great success mounting our television over the fireplace in our previous rental house so we toyed with And while installing a mount is possible, it also means destroying a portion of the custom-made beauty. If this were our forever home, we may have considered it further, but we know we’re either going to sell this place or rent it out when we move on to (literally) greener pastures in a couple of years. And leaving the fireplace in pristine condition seems like the best thing to do at this point in time.

So then we considered building a makeshift surround for the fireplace and resting the existing mantle on pillars. And the more we talked about the idea, the more we liked it. On Friday night, after a gourmet dinner at Chick-Fil-A, the three of us went to Lowes and picked up the necessary supplies (about $40 in wood).

After constructing the supports, we tested our idea. And much to our delight, it appears that it will actually work. Please ignore the mess – our family room was a disaster zone with mantle construction, wall painting, and some electrical work. We still have to put the bells and whistles on the pillars (just some trim) and paint the suckers and the mantle (a rich brown) but all of those tasks should be completed at the end of today. So if you excuse me, I must get to painting. Weeeeeee (that is my excited typing). Hopefully I will have the reveal for you guys tomorrow!