Four Goals for 323 Days

by Karen

There are 323 days left in 2012 – you’re quite welcome for that little trivia nugget (is it really trivia when it just involves some simple math?). Last month, I shared my motto for 2012 – Be Well. And I am committed to living up to the multi-layered meaning behind the two simple words. But I figure I’d up the ante, so to speak, and publicly declare four specific goals that I’ve set for 2012.

  • Dip my toes in at least two oceans. I accomplished this feat (get it?) last year during our trip to Alaska and one of our trips to Wilmington, NC – not too shabby for a now landlocked girl currently living in Oklahoma. So why not try it again? My goal is to ensure I visit at least two oceans during 2012. Let’s be honest here – the oceans will likely be the Pacific and the Atlantic but we never know where our travels may take us. Last time I was in California, I was 6 months pregnant with little guy. So needless to say, we’re due for another trip, I think.
La Jolla, California ~ July 2009
  • Wake up at 5:00am every weekday.  I am not a masochist, but I am finding it more difficult to squeeze in exercise during the day, especially during the days that I work. So the time has come to wake up early (before little guy) so this mama can get her workout on. After all, if it is important to me, I will find a way. If not, I will find an excuse.
  • Take a photograph of something pretty each and every day. I have a hitch in my giddy up when it comes to photography as of late. This must change. And it will. Maybe a reoccurring blog feature? I would like to post daily, so maybe this is a way to achieve that goal? Watch out – it is goal city all up in this joint.
  • Create more out of thrifted items. While I thrift a handful of items, I would like to create more out of thrifted items instead of buying new. Not only is it fun and challenging, it is also better for the environment and all that jazz. Why buy new when I can reuse? Also, apparently thrifted isn’t a ‘real’ word. Who knew?

So there you have it – four of my goals that I choosing to make public. And yes, there are a couple of goals I have that I am keeping to myself right now. Why? There is some interesting research that found the more you share a goal, the more likely you are not to meet said goal. I’m not quire sure how I feel on the subject but for the time being, I’m keeping my professional goals to myself. We all know people like that – the sayers and not doers. Well, I want to be a doer (I mean that in the least sexual way possible). Luckily, I read a fair amount of blogs that inspire me as far as accomplishing goals. For example, Jill is training for another half marathon, Molly is busy exploring a new city and making it her home, Carrie is accomplishing her goals by breaking them into little bites, and Mandy is taking advantage of living in South America. And those are just a handful of girls that are not making excuses. We’re a month and a half into 2012 – what are some of your goals?

And completely unrelated – I just have to share this photo I posted on Facebook last night. Little guy was fighting bedtime and kept insisting that we let him read The Lawton Constitution in peace in his room. Don’t you just love two-year-olds?