Don’t Regret Growing Older

by Karen

Turning the big veint y nueve in less than a month has me examining my inner-traits and outward wrinkles in a 10x resolution mirror. Upon this analysis, I’ve determined that there are elements of my personality that could use some work and it just may be necessary to purchase some fancy pants pore minimizing cream. The crows feet are forming, people!

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This week, I’ve had the opportunity to see one of my career goals fulfilled and let me tell you, the feeling is nothing short of amazing. While I still choosing to stay home with little guy the majority of the time, I have picked up an extremely flexible part-time position as an instructor at a local college. I have officially put my toe into the post-secondary academic world and the water feels great. Getting older rocks because you can see the results of hard work coming to fruition. Amazing.

I am trying to convince myself that I don’t need an iPad for my birthday…

I am told that as we age, we become more comfortable with who we are and what we want to become. I am almost 29 and still quite wet behind the ears (what does that even mean, anyway?). It’s funny – with each year that passes of my twenties, I learn that there is so much more that I don’t know. Does this change once one enters the third decade of their life? Part of me hopes so. But yet another part of me doesn’t. After all, what’s the fun of living if you think you know all the answers?