Wallpaper Removal Shennanigans

by Karen

This post will be short and not so sweet. Clay is away doing the Army thing and my goal is to have the laundry room completed before his return. I took the advice of Fran and introduced a self-imposed deadline to the laundry room situation. So time is a-wastin’.

You know what really stinks more than Lotso the Hugging Bear? Wallpaper that was applied to unpainted drywall. I’ve tried everything – scoring, fabric softener, DIF, and good old fashioned prayer.

Sadly, none of it really worked. After doing some research, it appears that in our predicament (wallpaper on top of unprimed drywall), the recommendation is to replace the drywall (ummm no) or seal the drywall and rest of the wallpaper with an oil-baesd primer/sealer and then paint over it (ding ding ding, we have a winner).

I know, I know – painting wallpaper is mostly considered a cardinal sin in the homeownership rulebook but honestly, there really isn’t another viable option for us at this point in time. One thing that works in our favor is that the non-wallpapered walls in this house are textured. This means that after sealing the wall, we can texturize the walls, which will hide the wall -o-imperfections caused by the wallpaper removal process.

Ahhhh, thank you textured walls!

From what I have read, the horror stories associated with painting over wallpaper usually involve not properly sealing the wall and painting over multiple layers of wallpaper – none of which will apply to our situation. So there you have it folks, I am going to live dangerously this weekend and paint over wallpaper. I’m such a badass.