The $75 Laundry Room Makeover?

by Karen

Wowza, it’s Monday. Our entryway is now painted a nice shade of reddish orange (more on that tomorrow),  the family room is just begging to be painted next, and we’re trying to figure out a tv/fireplace solution (the mantle and stonework prevent an optimal viewing height). Don’t worry (?), I’ll get back to the house tour in the near future (see Part One here), in the meantime, I wanted to share some my ideas for the laundry room. Of all the places we’ve lived in our seven years of marriage, this house marks the first time that our laundry will get washed in a large enough room, complete with a sink and a counter. Color me excited. However, don’t confuse my functional laundry room-induced joy with happiness about the design and decor.

Because stylish, this room is not. But it has so much potential! Which seems to be the theme of this house. I feel like hanging a sign on the front of the house that reads It Has So Much Potential, Please Don’t Judge It In It’s Current State. So far, we’ve done two things to personalize this space – we moved our washer and dryers into the room and I created a cat litter cave. This was actually a super easy project because it only involved removing four screws and popping off the cabinet door. In the past, I always hated having the litter box in plain sight and while our cat mainly does his business outside, we like to have litter box to give him options. And now that you know too much about Desi’s bathroom habits, I’m going to stop typing now.

So I am making the laundry room my first room makeover. I figure that a room of this size is the perfect confidence boosting project. And to up the ante, I am challenging myself to complete this task using only $75.00. Yes, $75.00.

As you can see, the floor is new tile and in great shape. It stays and saves us $$$! The cabinets however, are not so lucky. But a little paint and they will look clean and shiny instead of dirty and dull. New hardware will be a minimal expense and will help transform these almost 30 year old workhorses. Don’t worry cabinets, I will show you some respect and make you feel loved again.

I think it goes without saying that the wallpaper will be stripped and the wall painted. I have actually never removed wallpaper before so I’m sure I’m in for a treat. Any tricks of the trade will be much appreciated.

Now here is where things are going to get crazy – instead of replacing the countertop, I am going to attempt to paint it and reseal the beast. Because the countertop isn’t heavily used, it is a better candidate for refinishing compared to a kitchen or a bathroom countertop. Additionally, the countertop has no scratches. Not one. It is in great shape, just an ugly color. For this reason alone, I can’t stomach tearing it out and spending money on a new one. I’ve been researching the Internet and it seems like the consensus is fairly split on the idea of painting countertops. I figure it is worth a shot. Worst case scenario – we buy a new countertop down the road. And yes, outlet covers will be replaced as well.

So there you have it – my public declaration that I am going to attempt to pizazz our laundry room for a mere $75.00.  To give you an idea of what I am thinking, above is a collage of inspiration laundry rooms via Pinterest. Can I do it? Only time will tell if I am drinking crazy juice.