A Quick Little Peak

by Karen

My sinuses are beginning to clear and making room for the excitement that accompanies when one purchases a new home. Since we had our walk-thru yesterday, I thought I would share a couple of pictures with all five of you – specifically the aspects of the house that made our hearts go boom-boom, boom-boom.

But before we embark on the quick pictorial adventure, let me give you a bit of background information about the soon-to-be-ours casa. First of all – it is not a new house. This is new territory for us because the house we own in North Carolina was new construction when we bought it in 2008. But this house was custom built in 1983 and has a unique look. The neighborhood actually blends into a couple of other neighborhoods (i.e. tons of sidewalks, parks, a lake, neighborhood school, etc…) and there is not one house that is the same as another. A couple of weeks ago, I spilled the beans that we’ve been affectionally calling it The Red Door Lodge (see small picture on the left sidebar). I think every house needs a name…I mean, people name their cars, why not their houses, right?

But that is enough background chatter – let’s take a look at some of the boom-boom, boom-boom inducing elements of the house. Again, remember that we bought this house knowing that updates are necessary and we have no trouble seeing past the white walls and outdated fixtures. This house has potential, y’all. Okay, now we’re ready…

I literally gasped when I first saw the fireplace in the family room during our first viewing back in October. The imported stone is the same that is one the exterior and the unit has been converted into gas (easier to use and maintain). The built-ins are perfect but we’re going to need to make adjustments to the mantle for the TV to work. I’m a sucker for TVs above fireplaces so there aren’t multiple focal points competing with each other.

Just a normal set of doors in the family room, right?

Nope. It is a deliciously sweet 80s wet-bar that could easily be found on the set of Dallas. There is another one in the study but we will save that for another day. There are ducks involved so it merits it’s own post. Ducks, people. Ducks!

I was delighted (no, seriously!) to discover that the previous owners left the hanging porcelain cow in the kitchen. I have big plans for that cow.

The backyard is filled with shade-providing trees, has plenty of room to run, and a big patio on which to spend long summer nights. Everybody is invited over!

Looks like a nice enough shed, right?

It is actually half shed/half playhouse. The door to access the shed is on the other  side and Weston is showcasing how to enter his new playhouse mancave. Right now, the decor is a bit too girly so we have big plans for making it appropriate for a wild and crazy two-year-old boy. I am not going to lie, this is one of my most anticipated projects.

So there you have it – just an inkling of some of what we fell in love with at the house. I will share more as time goes on. Until then, keep calm and do it yourself. Hasta la vista, baby.