Truckin’ Along and Spreading the Holiday Cheer

by Karen

We’re in Wilmington, NC now – home of the EUE/Screen Gems Studio (the responsible parties for the abomination known as One Tree Hill). For those keeping track, our stops this 2011 Holiday Trip Extravangza (as it will be referred to from this point forward) included Conway, AR; Gainesville, GA; Augusta, GA; back to Gainesville, GA, Fayetteville, NC; and now Wilmington, NC. We should be hitting up a city or two on our way back to OK, but they remain to be determined. Good thing we’re young and full of (foolish?) energy.

Christmas morning came and went. Our family portrait attempt failed miserably but I didn’t let that keep me down. I had gifts to open and a mimosa in my hand – how could I be upset? As always, we were blessed to be surrounded by family and thoroughly enjoyed being with all of my siblings and their families/significant others. We always have a blast when we’re together and this Christmas was no different.

In fact, we even participated in the First Annual Garchow Family Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. Back in November, we decided since we would all be under the same roof for Christmas we had to celebrate accordingly. So a contest was formed and each couple began to feverishly work on a delightfully tacky Christmas Sweater. As you can see, my family does not half-ass anything. That is why we’re awesome and are brilliantly fun to hang out with. On a side note – please ignore my husband’s goofy faces. He was really committed to the character he was playing…le sigh.

See, I wasn’t kidding. His sweater was actually made into cut-out half-tee. My sweater was bedazzled with lights, pom-poms, and pictures of Jack Wagner, Rick Springfield, Leif Garrett, David Hasselhoff, and Shaun Cassidy. I’m not going to lie – they were freakin’ awesome.

And Clay won! Here is my dad giving Clay the $20 prize. My parents and grandmother were the judges, along with a secret ballot vote among the participants. I love the face you’re giving here honey – very classy!

Yesterday, we hit the road to Fayetteville, NC to visit Clay’s sister, Martha, and her kids. Edward (our brother-in-law) is currently deployed so we missed seeing him but we had a nice time at their new house.

And finally, in the most exciting news of the Christmas season, Zach proposed to my sister Julie on Christmas Day (do you remember reading my prediction?). Yes, this means that there will be yet another wedding in our clan in the near future. We couldn’t be happier for them and can’t wait to make Zach an official member of our crazy family.

Now if you excuse me, I need to nurse a rum and coke and spend some time with Clay’s parents. A trip to the movie theater may be the cards for Clay and I tonight – any recommendations? I’m thinking Mission Impossible 4