Eye Twitches and Holiday Cheer

by Karen

Sometimes, when I consume too much caffeine in too short of time, my left eye twitches uncontrollably. I never mind – partially because I am too coked up on espresso to become annoyed, and probably because I absolutely love being in the semi-manic world that the caffeine creates for me. The hyper-focus, the unforgiving energy, and the confidence to take on the seemingly impossible – thank you grande nonfat latte with no foam.

{source ~ vijayforvictory.com}

Our last couple of days in town are a whirlwind of wedding planning, house packing, and Christmas parties. Soon we will be on the road, Scott and Kelly will be married, it will be Christmas, a new year will begin, and we will close on our new (to us) house. I’ll go into more detail later but The Red Door Lodge (what I’ve been referring the soon-to-be-ours-casa), is a  one-story ranch home built in 1983 with (you guessed it) a red door. It is partially updated so we’re looking forward to rolling up our sleeves (a’la politician style) and putting our DIY skills to the test. This blog won’t turn into a DIY blog but I will probably showcase projects and such, which will be filed under The Red Door Lodge heading to the left. So if you hate anything related to renovation and decor, you probably won’t stay a fan of My Goal is Simple. Sorry!

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So that is what our little family has been up too. The next couple of weeks are filled with travel, relaxing with family, and the like. We’re putting the finishing touches on our ugly Christmas sweaters (my family is having a contest on Christmas Day) and trying to convince Weston that Santa isn’t an evil homicidal maniac. If you excuse me, I must go – my left eye is twitching again.