There is a Chill in the Air

by Karen

A couple of days ago, AccuWeather released their long-range winter forecast, complete with a handy-dandy visual…

Spoiler alert – AccuWeather is forecasting a brutal winter. I don’t know about you guys, but yesterday was cold here in Oklahoma and today will be as well. While the temperature is quite manageable, the piercing wind certainly adds another dimension. In fact,  the wind reminds us of the Lake Effect weather we felt up in northern New York . While the winters are cold here, snowstorms are few and far between – the average snowfall is around 3 inches.

After spending the past three winters in mild North Carolina, and the three before that in one of the snowiest cities in the United States, it appears that Oklahoma is smack dab in the middle weather-wise. I will miss the snow but it is nice to experience the chill in the air. The wind is quite the beast, although, according to City Data, it is only the 42nd windiest city in the US. Regardless, I am now on the hunt for a hat that is cute and functional, and will keep my hair from whipping me in the face. Ouch.

Maybe a cloche? Once popular in the 1920’s, I see them popping up more and more and they do look fantastic with a peacoat. I am also on the prowl for the perfect knit hat. Suggestions are always welcome. And finally, on a related note, The Daily Beast comprised a slideshow of the 20 Snowiest US Cities. The list only focuses on major metropolitan areas but still interesting, nonetheless.

What is the weather currently like in your location? Have you broken out the wool coats and winter hats yet?