Happy, Happy Christmas Season

by Karen

We received our first Christmas card in the mall yesterday, officially kicking off one of my most favorite aspects of the season – Christmas cards and Holiday letters! Over the years, I have well-documented my love for Christmas mail and pictures of family and friends. I know that some people have such disdain for the practice, but (unfortunately?) we have never received a cringe-worthy Christmas letter. This makes me sad. I would love to hear about how little Johnny recited the ABC’s backwards while trying to walk in a straight line. Or how you successfully dodged the massive IRS fine.

Tedpack.org has a funny collection of Christmas letters excerpts entitled Best Brag. Here are a couple of my favorites…

  • Our daughter no longer colors, she designs.” [Said daughter was three years old]
  • Along with her school studies, ballet classes and weekly piano and violin lessons, Missy continues to make time for her charity work: this year she made flannel blankets for the pet shelter.” [Missy is six years old]
  • Our daughter has mastered French. She isn’t interested in Spanish and the school doesn’t offer Russian, so she’s taking Mandarin Chinese . . .
Want more? Back in 2006, msnbc.com showcased some notorious Christmas letters submitted by readers. And momlogic.com has a humorous take on what really happened during the year.


Not to be undone by the Christmas letter, the Christmas photo card also brings warmth to my heart. Again, we have yet to receive a cringe-worthy photo card. And just to note, I do not find the above photo cringe-worthy in the slightest. I think that family is awesome.


On the other hand, this family probably is not as awesome. In fact, I bet they’re drips.


Don’t you just love how they decorated the tree with swimming ribbons?



The garter really completes the festive outfit, don’t you think?

On a personal note – the Christmas cards are ordered, the only-Christmas music station programmed in my car, and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care. This can only mean one thing…’tis the season! And no, we did not use the above photo for our Christmas card, even though it is a wonderfully awkward family photo. Happy, happy Christmas season.