Thanksgiving in Oklahoma

by Karen

I mentioned last week that life was going to pick up around these parts soon and now that time has come. In a couple of weeks, we will be embarking on a road trip to southern Georgia for my brother’s wedding. We’re both in the wedding so we’ve been practicing our bridesmaid and groomsman duties. Their wedding date is the day before our 7th wedding anniversary so my brother and his betrothed totally had to go and ruin our special day. Just joshin‘, Scott! In all seriousness, we are dusting off the dancing shoes and looking forward to officially welcoming Kelly into the family with style.

My parents came to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving and since it was their first time spending any significant time in the southwestern portion of the state, we were sure to show them the best that the area has to offer. And like I wrote after Clay’s parents visit, it is always refreshing to see where you live through the eyes of visitors. We couldn’t let them leave without a visit to the Meers Store & Resturant, voted as the best burger in Oklahoma. The fresh burgers are made from “the prize winning Texas Longhorn beef raised on the family’s own ranch.” We also enjoyed bottles of Meers Gold Beer, “handcrafted by the Krebs Brewing Company using the original recipe from the Choctaw Nation.”

Having lived here for about eight months now, I don’t think this part of Oklahoma gets appropriate recognition for it’s beauty. I will fully concede that there are many not-so-beautiful parts (Lee Blvd, Sheridan Rd, etc…), but the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge is a sight of wonder.

The Wichita Mountains were exposed and rounded during the Permian Period, with many of the rocky promontories capped with granite that is 540 million years old. Don’t worry, that is about as much of a  geology lesson I am going to give today. You’re welcome.

Oops. Here is Weston sliding down a rock formation during a failed family picture attempt.

The view from the top of Mt. Scott. Clay and I are determined to hike the ‘mountain’ and plan to do so as soon as our schedule allows. The rock climbing opportunities are insane. The view really is breathtaking up there – nothing like we experienced on our trip to Alaska, but still quite astonishing.

A whopping 2,464 feet above sea level. People of Colorado are laughing right now.

Our little daredevil begged to be swung in the air on the observation deck.

Crazy little guy.

And he kept trying to climb over the barrier. This boy is going to give me a heart attack.

You didn’t think I would write this post without the obligatory table shot, now did you? Thanksgiving Day was spent cooking, watching football, and playing word games (Bananagrams and Scrabble). We prefer to sit down after 5pm, because eating a huge meal mid-day is about as appealing as being alone in a hotel room with Charlie Sheen.

A big thank you to Mom and Dad for venturing out to Oklahoma for the holiday. It isn’t the most exotic place, but it has it’s moments. To close out this post, I asked my parents to sum up their experience is a few words and here is what they had to say…

Prettier than what your writing originally led us to believe. And it reminded us a lot of when we lived in Phoenix in the 1980s and 1990sDad

Most of the storefronts in Lawton reminded me of of the 1960s. And to sum up the place in one word – windy.Mom


Are there any other Bananagram fans out there?