You Can Go With This, You Can Go With That

by Karen

As you can see, I have a new blog layout. Fun times. And in honor of Friday and a writing slump as of late – this post is brought to you by a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Speaking of this and that, I currently have Weapon of Choice by Fat Boy Slim dancing around in my head. Or it just may be Christopher Walken up in there, doing what he does, just like in the {spectacular} video. Regardless, it is my theme song today.

You’re welcome.

The past week was filled with sleepless nights, lots of tears, and lots of wine. But it appears that the little guy’s two year molars have finally broken through and we’re back on our normal schedule. Thank goodness. Clay and I both agree that this little hiccup illustrated what we already knew – we’re not ready to introduce a demanding newborn into the family. It is just going to be the three of us for now, which is just fine because I happen to adore my little family.

Molly over at A Foreign Land blogged about the documentary, Miss Representation. I am intrigued and look forward to watching the film. Simply put, the media presents an image where “a woman’s value and power lie in her youth, beauty, and sexuality, and not in her capacity as a leader.” In a society where photoshopping in the norm and cosmetic surgery at an all-time high, it saddening to see (and experience) self-worth being measured on physical attributes and encouraging women to strive for an unattainable and unreal image created by media.

The weather is finally breaking, which means I have finally had the opportunity to wear jeans  two days in a row. This also means that I need to buy another pair. Unfortunately, I only have one pair that don’t give the illusion that I am heading for a clam bake. I am not tall per se (5’7”) but I am sportin’ some long legs. And as much as I love the Northeast, the look isn’t really appropriate for fall in Oklahoma.

For the first time in our married life (almost 7 years!), we don’t have a year-long (+) deployment on the horizon or hanging over our heads like a storm cloud filled with separation and anxiety. We know there will be more long deployments in our future – that is inevitable and a truth associated with being in the military, which for us right now is the Army Reserves. But right now, we’re going to enjoy the (relatively) free horizon. It really is a beautiful sight.

{not the house in question}

And finally, we put an offer in on a house here in Lawton. It is short sale and we have a list of demands the seller must meet, so we’re not counting on the short sale fairy being on our side. But if she is, we will be doing a happy dance, which will probably look like The Safety Dance. And if this house doesn’t work out, there are a couple more we have our eyes on. Cross your fingers for us!