A First Time for Everything

by Karen

Halloween is one of those holidays that Clay never seems to be around for, interestingly enough. Aside from 2007, Clay has not been home for Halloween the past eight years – he has been either deployed, TDY, at JRTC, or in the field for an insane amount of time. But this year is different. He will be home! Just barely though – he leaves on TDY the following day but we will take it. Even more special – it will be Clay’s first Halloween with our little guy.

Due to the insane weather, there are no true pumpkin patches around these parts. That is okay. Growing up in Phoenix, my exposure to fall festivals was extremely limited but once we moved to Pennsylvania, my world included warm apple cider, hot cider donuts, and the occasional hay ride or two. And nothing (nothing!) beats fall in northern New York. Gauntlet thrown.  Fall is one of the many aspects we miss about Ft. Drum. Back to Oklahoma – these pumpkins were hand picked from a cardboard box along the side of the road. If that doesn’t scream fall, I don’t know what does, quite honestly. We only bought two because pumpkins are expensive in Oklahoma, y’all.

We put Weston in play clothes and got to town gutting the pumpkins. Sadly, Weston wanted nothing to do with the procedure, as evident by his hesitation in the photo.

But in an interesting turn of events, Weston became all about the knife action. I gave him a wooden knife from his kitchen set, and he ‘helped’ Daddy carve a face.

I cleaned, sorted, and roasted pumpkin seeds. Yum!

The finished pumpkins. I wanted to carve a Clemson paw but we decided that we don’t want to get over zealous about this season…one game at a time.

I am making our Halloween costumes this year. Mine involves orange leggings and pink duct tape. Do you know what/who I am going as?