I Hear Your Name Whisper on the Wind

by Karen

I took a half-dose of Tylenol PM last night (one pill). It doesn’t take much for me to have an extreme reaction to medication and this time was no different. My slumber was filled with an 80’s dream montage and the inability to wake-up in the morning (my worst nightmare).

Are you familiar with Boy Meets Girl,  the powerhouse duo of George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam, who are responsible for one of the best songs to ever infiltrate our existence, Waiting for a Star to Fall? If not, here is an audio/visual refresher…

Isn’t it glorious? It is one of my favorite songs. Ever. You see, it was featured in the closing scene of ‘Three Men and a Little Lady’, a movie I adored as a young lass. And I am not ashamed to admit that I give the movie two thumbs up because of one Mr. Tom Selleck. Part of me fell in love with Peter the architect and when (spoiler alert) he married Sylvia at the end of the movie, set to Waiting for a Star to Fall, I wanted to be her. You know, maybe ‘Three Men and a Little Lady’ is responsible for me encouraging Clay to grow a mustache during deployments. He never obliges because he thinks he would look like a 70’s porn star and/or Lieutenant Dangle from ‘Reno 911’. I fail to see what the problem is. Just kidding. Sort of.

So back to my montage, which consisted of Clay (sans mustache) and I during our college days, set to Waiting for a Star to Fall. We threw the frisbee on Bowman Field, we sat on the hill during a football game, ate cotton candy at the ballpark, and met at the coffee shop in the library between classes. There was laughing, kissing, and a hug in front of the reflection pond. It was totally tubular. It wasn’t quite to caliber as the training sequence in Rocky IV (see here) but it would hold it’s own among movies in the 80’s.

This post really has no other purpose than to share my fabulous montage with you all. And to publicly declare my love for saxophone solos. The world needs more saxophone solos, don’t you think? Do you ever dream in montages? Please tell me that I am not alone. : )