Visitors Among Gray and Blue Skies

by Karen

Last week, Clay’s parents began the journey to Oklahoma and arrived Friday evening. As our first official visitors since we’ve settled into our rental home and became acquainted with Lawton, we were excited to show them our new (for now) home. And believe it or not, the area is starting to grow on me. Yes, I just typed that.

Saturday and Sunday were quite rainy but we didn’t let that stop us. On Saturday, we took them to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge where the buffalo were out in groves. A short drive from our house (~20 minutes), the Wildlife Refuge is home to buffalo, long-horn steer, and other animals native to the area.  The weather was drizzly with a chill in the air, much more tolerable than the 115 degree temperatures we experienced this summer.

Obligatory family shot. You can see just how close we were to some buffalo. There are no fences in the refuge so you interact with the animals at your own risk.

Here are some buffalo in the rain. I took this picture from the car…such beautiful creatures, aren’t they?

After church on Sunday, the Oklahoma sky returned true to form. I still can’t get over just how blue the sky is out here.

We gave them the tour of Ft. Sill and stopped at the Apache Cemetery on post so we could visit Geronimo’s grave. Geronimo, a famous Apache warrior, died at Ft. Sill in 1909 as a prisoner of war. The Native American history is so rich in this part of the country and we are so lucky to have the opportunity to experience some of it.

The best we could do.

Ft. Sill, Oklahoma

And finally, a picture of Clay’s parents at the Wildlife Refuge; one of my favorite from their trip. Potential Christmas Card picture?