Ummmm….I Need Some Clothes

by Karen

You know that whole No New Clothes for 6 Months Challenge I put upon myself a couple of months ago? Well, I did just fine the rest of the summer but now that fall is upon us, I am realizing that things aren’t peachy keen in clothing shangra lai. It appears that I donated the majority of my fall clothes last spring during a purging frenzy (I must have been watching Hoarders…does that show have the same effect on you?). Bottom line, I need some weather-appropriate clothes.

Therefore, I am amending my challenge slightly. I am still not going to buy new clothes for the fall and winter season, but I will allow myself to purchase thrift and consignment items or receive hand-me-downs from family and friends. The past couple of months have allowed me to really observe my wants vs. my needs, which was the entire point of embarking on a new clothes sabbatical. I plan on documenting my thrift/consignment finds and showcasing that spending less = fabulousness. Didn’t you hear? It’s cool to be thrifty.