Daydreaming with Background Music

by Karen

Sometimes I wish that life is styled like a movie, preferably a Nora Ephron or Nancy Myers film. But not because of the hackneyed but still enjoyable character arcs or the gross misrepresentation of job to salary to apartment/house ratio. I want to live in a world with ridiculously stylized sets and the oh-so-appropriate background music. I want the swells of violins when my husband tells me I am beautiful and I want Suddenly I See (I know, it is so 2006) to play during my empowerment montage. And who wouldn’t want Meryl Streep’s kitchen from It’s Complicated?

Clay accuses me (in the most loving way possible, of course) of being a hopeless romantic. I am not one to be showered with gifts or flowers, but I do love displays of affection fit for movies. Luckily (?), due the military, I have had spectacular reunions in airports after being months and months apart, I have welcomed my soldier home from war with hugs that seem to last forever, and I have had tearful goodbyes that would make a moviegoer cry into her $8 tub of popcorn.

I am living my great movie romance. Sure, it isn’t peaches and cream 100% of the time, but it is pretty darn close. I may not have background music, an apartment overlooking Central Park, or a gourmet kitchen; and it is unknown whether the show is worth the ticket price. But I’ve been starring in a fantastic movie for the past 10 years, complete with being the girl in a yellow dress seeing her returning soldier as if they’re the only two in the room.


Maybe Pablo Picasso was right – maybe everything we can imagine is real. Just because others can’t hear the background music in my world, doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t belong. So many people walk through this world with a scowl on their face or a chip on their shoulder. Perhaps if we all recognized and allowed our background music to shine, the world would be a slightly happier place. I have to wonder, would we smile more?

I think I am going to continue to daydream and not feel bad for wanting the swells, butterflies, and grand gestures. All with background music. My internal movie reel has served me well for the past decade, why stop now?