Blogging Sabbatical

by Karen

I am embarking on a blogging sabbatical in efforts to streamline my digital social presence (seriously, how pretentious did that just sound?). I have already deleted my (often ignored) Twitter account and I am debating whether to delete my current Facebook account and just start over. Jury is still out on that one. Basically, I have been feeling slightly overwhelmed at all the digital noise that has seemed to occupy my world.

I am not anti-social media, not in the slightest. I went to graduate school to study e-learning so obviously I am a huge fan of computers and their impact on our lives. But sometimes I think it can be a bit much. I have a couple of projects planned for the community and I wish to focus on those with a clean mind and a fresh heart.

It does annoys me to no end that taking a blogging sabbatical seems to be the popular thing to do in blogland this fall. Sigh. I promise that I am not doing this to be cool, to seem mysterious, or to elevate my importance. I am simply taking a break and didn’t want anyone to think that I died, my body undiscovered, and my face being eating by stray cats.

There are some exciting times on the horizon. I. can’t. wait.