Waiting for Fall

by Karen

We traveled a fair amount this summer, splitting time between Georgia, Alaska, and North Carolina. And while I was always happy to set foot into our house (I really do like our little house), I was never thrilled to be back in Oklahoma. The issue isn’t Oklahoma per se, after all, there are areas of the state that I really do like. Unfortunately, I happen not to live in one of them.

I keep telling myself that this situation is temporary and soon enough we will move on to greener (literally) pastures. If anything, I am disappointed in myself that I have allowed a place where I live to define my well-being by so much. In the past, I have always been fairly adaptable. I moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania in middle school, I went to South Carolina for college, and journeyed to Ft. Drum, New York for our first duty station. After 2 1/2 years in North Carolina, now we’re in the Sooner State. I’ve dealt with change before – no big deal. So why is Oklahoma, specifically Lawton, such a big deal?

I’m not sure. I don’t want to wish time away but focusing on our next move (wherever/whenever that may be) is what seems to keep me going on some days. I am obviously not thriving here and perhaps it is because I am not trying hard enough – in fact, I am sure that a lot of it is through fault of my own. But for whatever reason, I am not operating at 100%. Except when I am drinking a chia tea. Then everything is okay in the world for the length of time it takes me to finish the cup.

The (still) hot weather and burnt landscape aren’t helping matters. I am looking forward to fall and long for days of sweaters and jeans. This will be our first fall in Oklahoma and I am interested in seeing what it entails. I really am committed to making the most of our time here and I hope the season brings some light.

So here is to the chill in the air, warm cups of goodness, and laughs around the fire. I don’t know about you, but I am waiting for fall and for so much more.

*chai tea source, fall scene source