I Remember.

by Karen

I remember. May the souls of those perished be rested and in a far better place. May their families find peace in an uncertain world. And may the bravery, dedication, and actions of those who risked their lives never be forgotten. The American spirit is resilient and refuses to be silenced due to the cowardly actions of terrorists. September 11, 2001 not only gave us heartache, it gave us proof that we are one nation and we are indivisible. I remember.

I was a freshman in college. I watched the events unfold on the television in my dorm, confused and in disbelief of what was happening. Little did I know, two days early, the boy I met was the one I would marry. I didn’t know he was ROTC and would commission into the Army upon graduation. Like so many, the events of September 11th have shaped my adult life. The military, war, sacrifice, death, separation, and courage are all elements that are woven into the person I am today.

I personally didn’t know anyone who lost their life on September 11th. My roommate and I went to NYC over Spring Break later that school year and being at Ground Zero, seeing all of the flowers, stuffed animals, American flags, and memorials was overwhelming. I wanted to go, I had to go. I am not sure if I felt a social responsibility or what, but I just had to go to Ground Zero. I remember wondering if future generations will understand the impact September 11, 2001 had on our lives. Although, I am sure older generations feel the same way about December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy.

Let us not forget September 11, 2001. Let us not forget the solidary we felt in the days after, no matter how brief. It is incredibly sad that it took such a horrific event to remind us what is most important – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our country has struggled in the wake of September 11th and some most days it seems like our representatives are more interested in self-preservation than the betterment of our great country. They’re acting like they forgot. And that is incredibly sad.