Alaska or Bust!

by Karen

“If you are old, go by all means, but if you are young — wait! The scenery of Alaska is much grander than anything else of the kind in the world. And it is not well to dull one’s capacity for enjoyment by seeking the finest first.”

Henry Gannett of the US Geological Survey in 1899

Sorry Mr. Gannett, we’re not taking your advice and waiting. Life is too short not to soak up as much majesty as we can. There is so much of the world to see and so little time. We want to experience it all. Therefore, our little family is beginning our journey North to the future for our summer vacation.


I have a feeling that we’re going to fall in love with Alaska and dream of moving there. And I can guarantee that after a summer filled with 115 degree temperatures in Oklahoma, we won’t want to leave. Plus we get to see a very dear friend and finally meet her beautiful daughter.

I have some guest bloggers filling in for me this week and I may surprise you with a photograph or two along the way.  Only time will tell. Please be kind to the guest bloggers – I promise that you will enjoy their posts. But for now, I’ll leave you all with an Ernest Hemingway quote, “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.”

I’ll toast to that!