Clearing Out My Phone

by Karen

I’m flyin’ solo this week with the little guy while Clay puts Congress in check at our nation’s capital. Or doing work stuff. Take your pick. I uploaded some pictures from my phone so I thought I would share some of them with you. Think of this as the dreaded vacation slideshow. Side note – I think it is a travesty that slide projectors are no longer part of our homes. I may change that…Can I refill your drink before we start?

Last weekend we went to Norman, OK to check out the Oklahoma University campus (beautiful) and ate lunch at the The Abner’s Ale House. Clay and I both enjoyed some draft beer while Weston went hard-core with milk and his first taste of fried pickles.

We also went to Target (hip hip hooray). And made Weston choose between Woody and Buzz.

Buzz won. Sorry Woody.

We bought a (knock-off) slip n’ slide found in the clearance section at Big Lots last week. That should have been our first clue that the afternoon wouldn’t end well. Clay and I tore ourselves up due to the hard Oklahoma ground (no rain for months) and cheap plastic lining. I still have bruises.

Weston helped me make beer bread. I must post the recipe because it is seriously the BEST bread we have ever had.


And finally, I assaulted eardrums on Friday night by singing karaoke at a friend’s house.

I was singing Any Man of Mine by Shaina Twain.

I apologize.