What is My Blog’s Value?

by Karen

Lynette Kraft over at Dancing Again just wrapped up an interesting series called Why Blog? What is Your Blog’s Value? She discusses how to determine whether your blog is a success and asks us to truly focus on if our blog adds value in some way to the readers.

Why Blog? What is your blog’s value? Part 1
Why Blog? What is your blog’s value? Part 2
Why Blog? What is your blog’s value? Part 3
Why Blog? What is your blog’s value? Part 4

I found the series to be a frank discussion on the realities of blogging – more and more people are entering the blogging game, therefore it is becoming increasingly difficult have an individual voice that readers will respond to. I started blogging in March 2006 as a way to sort out my feelings during my first deployment experienced on the homefront. It was small, intimate, raw, and I think I averaged about 42 hits a day. As a 22 year old in northern New York, I thought I had hit the big time.

And as I found my writing voice, I saw the number of hits grow. Not too much. In full disclosure, I only average about 500 hits a day on this blog so it is still a very small limited readership. I am okay with that. I have been extremely selective with how I promote this blog – no forced follows and no sponsored reviews or giveaways. I never set out to brand myself, I just want to write. And I want sincere readers. So thank you. You’re here because you want to be, and for no other reason. That’s the way it should be.

That being said, blogging is time-consuming. I truly enjoy it and view it as a hobby, but sometimes I fantasize how nice it would be to supplement my time with a little income. But I am not ready to go there yet. First, the reader base just isn’t there and second, not many have shown interest in paying me for my words. And again, that is okay. I blame the economy. Just joshing.

You know, I am still trying to figure out my place in this world. On a smaller level, what is the role I am meant to have in the blogging world? The next month is going to be filled with travel – Alaska, a trip back to NC for a wedding, and some short road trips around Oklahoma. My mind feels a bit muddled and I hope that I am able to sort through these tangled thoughts during our travels. Getting lost in a new place always seems to help, doesn’t it?

Oh, and here is Day One of the 6 Month Challenge. I doubt I’ll post daily but whenever an interesting outfit pops up, I’ll be sure to make note of it. Maybe this deserves it’s own page on the blog? I’m not sure. Can you believe that I went to the mall yesterday? We went to Sears to check out TV wall mounts, ate at Chick-Fil-A for dinner, and picked up an ice cream maker at JC Penny’s. But no clothes were purchased!

Shirt – Express (gift from Megan)
Shorts – Ann Taylor
Necklace – Raleigh Flea Market

Are you interested in joining the No New Clothes Challenge?

Jill over at Keep Calm and Have a Cosmo has pledged not to buy clothes for 3 months.

What about you? If you’d like to join, respond in the comments.

Can you put together a new stylish wardrobe with the clothes you already have?

Maybe we can organize something…

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