Easy Access – A Simple Snack Solution

by Karen

Having fruits and vegetable easily accessible is key to eating healthy. There isn’t much I love more than opening the refrigerator to a stocked fruit and vegetable drawer. Simply put, the more options we have, the more likely we are to make a healthy snack choice. This week, we have bananas, nectarines, strawberries, lemons, grapefruit, granny smith apples, cherries, celery, carrots, grape tomatoes, and bell peppers in the snack drawer. Notice that I have cut up the carrots, celery, and peppers and placed them in plastic zip bags that can be reused. Easy access people, easy access.

Organization is key. If a refrigerator isn’t organized, then food is bound to be forgotten about and wasted. We have another vegetable crisper drawer below this one and that hosts all of our vegetables for dinner/lunches (broccoli, kale, tomatoes, green beans, etc…). By keeping the easy to grab snacks away from the planned dinner and lunch vegetables, I eliminate the need to sift through bags of vegetables and fruit.

Do you have any refrigerator organization tips?  On a related note, I have come across some really interesting freezer storage solutions on Pinterest. I can’t wait to try them out!