The $28 Kitchen Backsplash

by Karen

Remember when I experimented with contact paper to make ’tiles’ for the backsplash in the kitchen? Having lived with the results for over a month on one counter, we decided that the ’tiles’ are the perfect solution to jazzing up a backsplash in a rental house.  Not only are the ’tiles’ cheap ($28 for 4 rolls of contact paper), easy (a kid who can count and is allowed to use scissors can do this project), and functional (easy to clean and maintain), they actually don’t look half bad (insert Statler and Waldorf joke about it not being half good either). We like the effect of the so-called tiles and we like the price ($28!) even better. So I went ahead and created the ’tiled’ backsplash around the rest of the kitchen.. But before I show you the goods, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at what the kitchen looked like the day we moved in.


Rental properties can be finicky to deal with. If you’re like us and have reasonable landlords who encourage tenants to make their house into a home, paint can do wonders. And there are a lot of other renter-friendly design solutions that can really make a home sing and not look like temporary quarters. I deem contact paper ’tiles’ for a backsplash to be such a solution.



To learn more about how to do this easy project, check out my original post about contact paper ’tiled’ backsplash. The kitchen is starting to come together. I have another couple of projects that are in half-finished throughout the room so as soon as they’re complete, I’ll be sure to share them. Happy Thursday!