A Mish Mash of Stuff

by Karen

I am sipping coffee out of my Graceland mug as I type this morning. The past couple of days have been filled with trying to get back into a routine and stay cool in the 109 degree heat. The car has been so unbearably hot to climb into while running errands (my temperature gauge said 130 degrees) that I wonder if anybody uses an automatic car starter in the summer like the folks in the frozen tundra of upstate New York. We never bit the bullet while at Ft. Drum but I remember staring longingly at the people walking toward a running car in subzero temperatures. That being said, the heat isn’t really too bad – I really don’t mind it. But it does limit the opportunities for outside play, especially when your son is practically transparent.

Exhibit A

On the design and decorating front, not much has happened. I have a lot of little half-finished projects around the house…I will blog about them as soon as they start taking shape. I am have fun repurposing existing items and ‘shopping’ from items we already own. In the past, I have been far too wasteful with decorating and I am making an effort to be more responsible when it comes to the footprint of our house.

One of 234358 projects – how to decorate and lessen the impact of ugly boxes in hall.

And guess what? The rest of our furniture will be here in less than two weeks. Yippee! Next week, Clay has to fly back east to help coordinate the change of command with his North Carolina guard unit so he can start drilling with a reserve unit in Texas. While there, he is going to ship the rest of our stuff sitting in storage (the items that were sitting in our NC house for staging). This means that this incredibly painful move will finally be over in a couple of weeks. Hallelujah. We have learned a lot during this process, the biggest lesson being that we will never move ourselves again! And we have too.much.stuff. And most of it is completely unnecessary for living a comfortable and purposeful life.

The room we don’t speak of…

In preparation of the arrival of the rest of our stuff, I need to work on the room we don’t speak of, which will become the office/guest room. I am thinking of painting it a nice medium-tone gray. The room currently holds a nice futon/bed that I am going to (try) and sell on Craigslist and everything else that doesn’t have a place yet in our house. I am hoping to find a couple of nice thrifted bookcases that I can refinish and plan on using an existing desk and bed (in storage in NC) to round out the room. For whatever reason, I am not terribly excited to decorate this room – probably because it involves in finally finding a place for everything. Do you have a room you don’t speak of?