Hello Again Oklahoma

by Karen

We’re back where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain and the wavin’ wheat sure does smell sweet. Our trip to Georgia was exactly what we needed – filled with waters sports, lazy afternoons, good beer, great food, and lots of loud conversation. While Oklahoma isn’t exactly the most exciting place to live, it currently is our home and we’re happy to be back. My car is 2,200 miles older and we spent a total of over  36 hours in the car. Good thing our next trip in August involves an airplane…I think one big road trip per summer is enough.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Clay and I were in charge of dinner on Sunday night. We decided to grill bratwurst, andouille sausage, all beef hot dogs, zuchini, tomatoes, eggplant, corn, and blackened shrimp. That’s not all – I also made shrimp scampi and strawberry shortcake. I think our family really enjoyed the meal so our efforts paid off and we had a blast cooking for more than two people.

This trip also introduced Weston to the wonderful world of boating. He was obsessed with driving the boat and pushing the horn. I have the feeling that whenever we visit my parents, he will be begging to go on the boat. Clay and I currently have no desire to own a boat but we fully appreciate our family and friends that do!

And of course, we celebrated the birth of our nation with sparklers, fireworks, and oooohs and ahhhhs. I am happy Clay was home this year for July 4th…we’re experiencing so many holidays and moments as a family for the first time. We thought of our friends who are deployed, our brother-in-law who is getting ready to deploy, and all of the Americans who gave all fighting in wars throughout the years. I teared up a bit. I couldn’t help it. It is difficult to describe the emotions associated with deployment. I am afraid that until one goes through it himself/herself, it is impossible to fully grasp exactly what a deployment entails. There will be more deployments for us in the future but until then, we’re going to enjoy the simple freedoms we’re granted together as a family. The United States of America isn’t perfect but it sure is a hell of a place to live.