I’m Not Back. But I am Less White.

by Karen

I didn’t crack open my computer the entire weekend. It. was. fabulous. You know, I’ve been hearing/reading a lot of digital sabbaticals. At first, I dismissed the idea and countered that the Internet is a life enhancer, not something to be feared. But now I wonder if these so-called pro-digital sabbatical people are on to something…

So we’re at my parents house visiting with family, attending parties, and taking advantage of their property on the lake. I dropped Clay off at the airport this morning and the little guy and I will stay here during the week. Duty calls. Luckily, Clay is flying back on Friday to the Fourth of July weekend back on the lake. We will then make the pilgrimage back to Lawton. All 1000 miles of it.

And for inquiring minds – yes, we made the trip from Lawton, OK to Lake Lanier, GA in one day. We left at 6:30am and arrived at our destination at 11:30pm. To accomplish this feat, Clay and I switched off driving every 250 miles – resulting in a total of 1015 miles driven. Whew. Weston and Lucy were rock stars in the car and our journey was sponsored by Diet Coke, Starbucks, and Chex Turtle Mix. And maybe just a bit of insanity. But it was worth it.

Mikey (10 months) and Weston (20 months).

I am not sure when I will post again. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe these digital sabbatical people are on to something. Or maybe not.

But that is it for tonight. If you excuse me, I must return to my glass of wine, handmade by Megan and Mike. Its a Malbec, in case you were wondering. And it is delicious.