New Bedding Bliss

by Karen

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about my search for a duvet cover. I showcased a couple that caught my eye, with my favorite being the West Elm gray and white wide-striped pattern, pictured below. At $89, the price is reasonable. But not great, at least to my standards. Maybe I have been spoiled by grabbing duvet covers on ridiculous sale or clearance, but I really hate spending more than $50. My duvet cover collection rivals only my picture frame and basket collections. I don’t mean to collect duvet covers, picture frames, or baskets – they’re just what I seem to be drawn to, especially when the price is considered a steal.

West Elm – $89

So using the West Elm duvet cover as inspiration, I set out to find a cheaper alternative, because I am Clay is not made out of money…

Club Stripe via Overstock – $37

I found the above set at Overstock for $37 (+ free shipping due to a promotion). It is hard to tell in this picture, but the stripe is a two-tone gray, not gray and white like the West Elm cover. Close, but no cigar.

Divatex Cotton Club via Amazon – $41

Then I found the above set on Amazon. Perfect! Ding, ding, ding – we have a winner. I have Amazon Prime so shipping was free, bringing the grand total to $41.00 – a full $48 less than the West Elm version. Yes, it isn’t exactly the same but that is the fun of using a piece of furniture or design as inspiration. So after a shipping debacle that involved a Fed Ex employee telling me that “Ronnie done screwed up and dat why you got no package ma’am” and 7 days after initially placing the order, the duvet cover arrived yesterday.

Obviously, the room still has a long way to go but the gray,white, and gray/blue toned bedding helps tone down the brightness of the yellow (click here to read the post about the master bedroom paint color). I have some interesting (odd?) ideas involving pops of color that I am sure I will blog about in the future. As you can see, I am still nightstand-less (tear*).

I picked up the blanket ($17), patterned blue pillowcases ($5), and gray/blue accent pillow ($9) at Ross. The blanket is ridiculously comfortable and we have been swiping it off our bed to use on our couch in the evenings. Combine everything with the $40 duvet cover and we have new bedding for $71…much less than most king comforter sets. And that is why I have a love affair with duvet covers.

Do you switch out your bedding often? Or am I all alone on this?