Family Room Progress – Crack is Wack

by Karen

I have never been to a crack house. Not even accidentally (hey, it can happen). Law and Order SVU has enlightened me over the years by showcasing crack houses as dark and dingy places with stained mattresses haphazardly on the floor. Usually someone is tweaking the freak out in the corner and there is almost always a young lady who set out for Hollywood to be the next waitress/actress* but somehow ended up in a crack house after failing to impress the producers of The Bachelor 38. The floors are more than likely sticky and there is dried blood on the wall. Always dried blood. And why is it that there is only a rotary phone, usually prominently displayed on a plywood table?

But I am here to showcase the progress of our main living space in the house. I will post other rooms down the road but today, let’s focus on the living room/family room/great room/whatever is en vogue. And since I discussed crack houses for approximately 150 words, your expectations have been lowered. Excellent. I am not implying that our home is reminiscent of a crack house but I am asking you to take it all in while understanding that it is a work in progress and that it is at least more stylish than a crack house. And I like to think more fun too.

As you can see, right now we’re rocking our 32 inch TV on a bedroom nightstand in front of the fireplace. I think the exposed cords give the room that extra punch of the irreverent, don’t you think? When the rest of our household goods arrive in mid-July, we will then mount our 40 inch TV on the wall above the fireplace. I have a green rug that was in our entryway in NC that will be just perfect here in OK. And we’re going to turn our (still in NC) buffet/liquor cabinet into a console table for the entryway. Because nothing says “Welcome to our home” like a display of wine and an assortment of booze.

We have a red area red that was in our dining room in NC. We’re not sure if it will work out here in OK but we’re going to give it a try before spending the cashmoney on a new rug. I have no idea how we’re going to organize Weston’s dungeon play area. I have an art display planned for above the couch but my inspiration well is running dry when it comes to the desk area. The lamp shade on the lamp by the couch is ridiculously small because we forget to bring most of our lampshades with us on our initial move out to OK. Only lamps. Yeah, we can’t figure that one out either. I made the curtains you see in the picture (same process as the kitchen curtains) and even though you can’t see it, the collage of pictures off to the right.

And here is one last view of the living room from the hallway. I am starting to finish the contact paper tiles around the kitchen (I will be sure to post the finished product). We need a bunch of various textured throw pillows for the couch and I have no idea what we will do in the space to the right of the sliding door. So as you can see, we’re far from finished but we think it is a good start.

And thank you for putting up with all of these design-related posts…I am having a blast and I hope that it isn’t too dreadful of a read for you. I read every single comment and I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to write a couple of words to me. I really do. Hopefully you don’t think our living space is too cracktastic. Because remember, in the wonderful words of Ms. Whitney Houston, “Crack is wack!