New Sofa in Da Hizzouse

by Karen

We have a new couch in our abode. The past couple of months have been spent relaxing on a futon. It is a very nice ($$$) futon, but still a futon. In other words – it ain’t no couch. We chose not to bring our living room and family room furniture with us to Oklahoma because we knew we were going to downsize into a small(er) rental. Ahhhh the joys of knowing that you’re not going to live in an area for more than a couple of years. Back in April, I blogged about a sectional sofa and now in June, we finally have one in our house. A commenter mentioned that her family is a ‘sit together family’. I like that description and fancy my family the same way.

Axis 3 Piece Sectional via Crate and Barrel – $3997.00

We did not buy this couch. Because it is $4000 (!). But this was exactly the design we were wanting. Our inspiration piece, so to speak. The shape of our room is quite odd and after some time spent with the time measure, we determined that a small (2 seat x 2 seat) sectional was the best use of space.

The fireplace is on a slant and our (still in NC) TV will be mounted above. As you can see, a regular sofa and a love seat or chair and a half would just dominate the room. And there isn’t much I dislike more than an overstuffed room filled to the brim with furniture. Except for the standard things, like murder, mushrooms, and Jude Law.

We knew we wanted to buy local and from a non-chain store. This is partly because there are no chain furniture stores in Lawton but we do like the idea of supporting a local business when we can. Luckily, with it being a military town, Lawton had a fair selection of the type of sectional we were wanting – clean lines, no recliner, and not pouffy plush. Above are just some that we considered. Please excuse the quality, the pictures were taken with my iPhone.

And now for the winner…

Lucy says hi. I took this picture while standing in the entryway. We scored the couch and ottoman for $1000. Another good thing about buying at a local furniture store is that when the purchase is made with cash, you have much more room to negotiate. Yes, please. We know that it isn’t the most stylish of small sectionals, but it will hold up to lots of wear from two adults, a toddler, a dog, and a cat. I still need to add colorful throw pillows, an accent rug, artwork above the couch, and figure out Weston’s play area. But this is a good start.

Here I am standing in the kitchen. I filled the classy centerpiece with fake oranges. Weston hasn’t tried to eat them…yet. As you can see, the ottoman is huge. I have a plan for the ottoman that will help break up all the chocolate in the room. Stay tuned. Also, I have been researching ideas on how to organize Weston’s little play area in the corner of the room. Thank goodness for Pinterest, right? And finally, please ignore the desk and such. We have plans for that side of the room. Big plans.