Placemats as $3.99 Art

by Karen

For reasons I can’t quite understand, Weston’s room has the tallest ceiling in the house. I have already shared the beginnings of Weston’s room. But now it is time to start putting things on the wall.  I knew I wanted a piece of art over his bed to break up the vast space but like any worrisome parents, we wanted it to be safe. I kept having visions of a large frame falling on him as he peacefully slept, dreaming of his kick-ass parents. The last thing we need is a lawsuit from our son on our hands. So traditional art was out.


A couple of months ago, I found a four-pack of green straw placemats on clearance for $3.99 at TJMaxx down in Wichita Falls, TX. I planned to use them on our kitchen table but the placemats turned out to be just a smidgen too big to fit comfortably. No big deal – I figured I would find a use for them down the road. Last week, I finally knew how I was going to use them – as art in Weston’s room!


I just nailed each one to the wall (top, bottom, and each side). I love the contrast of the circles with the clean lines of the bed and window. And they’re safe! If for whatever reason one falls off the wall in the middle of the night, it will do no harm to the little guy. The green dots help break up the tall wall and give a little modern twist to a little boy’s bedroom. Not bad for $3.99. We still to fill the rest of the room but we think the dots are a good start.

Have you ever used placemats as art? If so, how?