Aqua (not the band) Kitchen Curtains

by Karen

I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world. Life in plastic. It’s fantastic.

In case you were wondering…yes, I do have an Aqua CD in my collection. Why? Because I am that cool. But life in plastic? I don’t think it is fantastic. After all, it never ends well for Dexter’s victims.

So if you remember, I successfully made Weston a curtain for his room.  Therefore, I decided to use my extraordinary talent to sew a kitchen curtain to help filter the obnoxiously bright Oklahoma sun. You may have noticed the punch of aqua in my post about catching Weston red handed, but more than likely, you didn’t.

How much can one write about kitchen curtains and make it interesting? Probably not much. Sure, I can tell you a witty story surrounding the events of making said curtains but I would be lying. Why? Because the story is as simple as me driving to JoAnn Fabrics, me picking out an aqua fabric that was on sale for $4.99/yard, me running said fabric through my sewing machine, me hanging a curtain rod, me attaching curtain ring clips to pieces of sewed fabric, and finally, me putting ring clips holding sewed fabric on hung curtain rod. Cool story Hansel.


$4.99/yard fabric. Pre-ironed.


And there you go.

Come on, Barbie. Let’s go party.