A Duvet Cover Fit for a King (and Queen)

by Karen

Back in the fall of 2004, an engaged couple excitedly went shopping to furnish their soon-to-be first apartment together. In just a few short months, they were to be married and then the 22 year old second lieutenant would move out of temporary housing and into an apartment in the Ft. Drum, NY area. The 21 year old girl would return down south to Clemson University so she could finish her last semester of college. Yes, in typical Army fashion, we lived apart during our first 6 months of marriage. And our honeymoon? A two-and-a-half day stay in NYC because that was all the time the Army was willing to give.

My something blue was the church carpet.

December 18, 2004

Back to furniture shopping – we picked out a bedroom suite from the Raymour and Flanigan in Watertown, NY because that was what we thought we were supposed to do…we were true adults, after all. Over six years later, we still have the same bedroom suite and we both agree that next time around, we don’t want to go the matchy-matchy route. I think we will hang on to it during our stay in Oklahoma but all bets are off during our next location (wherever in the world that may be).

Here is our bedroom as is today. If you remember, I painted it Homestead Resort Tea Room. I don’t have a nightstand on my side because that is currently what our TV is on in the family room (yes, we’re cool). Once we receive the rest of our furniture in July, my nightstand will resume it’s rightful place. There are no curtains, the linens are old and considered the back-up linens for when we have a large number of guests, and the furniture is too large of scale for the small room. But we are not going to be in Oklahoma long enough to justify buying new furniture so in the famous words of Tim Gunn, we’re going to make it work.


So in order to make it work, I am on the hunt for a duvet cover that isn’t too girly and isn’t too boring. I found one that we both really like. However, you can only purchase it with a duvet, therefore driving the price way up. We have a wonderful duvet that I liken to sleeping on a cloud. We don’t need a duvet, just a duvet cover. And buying the set and selling the duvet isn’t worth the hassle. Here is the cover that I can’t get out of my head…

Overstock – $181.99

I have been searching for something similar for under $100 with no avail. Who knew it would be so difficult to buy a duvet cover? There is no place that sells them in Lawton, Oklahoma so I am limited to buying one on the Internet, which is always daunting because you can’t run your hand over them (I am still waiting for Mr. Jobs to create a touch Internet experience). This one isn’t too bad…

West Elm – $89

And I am thinking that these stripes could be fun…

West Elm – $89

This set caught my eyes – maybe a pop of orange is needed?

Bed Bath & Beyond – $99

And here is one from Target…
Target – $79

As you can see, we’re learning toward modern and graphic prints. I think it is because our bedroom set has traditional (almost) mission-style clean lines. A bold print could really offset the potential stuffy factor a formal bedroom set can bring into a room. What do you think? Do you know of a secret duvet cover supplier? If so, please share!

It will be 108 degrees here in Oklahoma today. Yikes. Are you affected by the heat wave where you live?