A Simple Collage of Our Story

by Karen

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The temperatures were over 100 around these parts so we spent the majority of our time indoors. Have you seen our son? He is so pale that I am not entirely convinced that he isn’t a vampire. We also went furniture shopping, looking for the perfect davenport (sadly, this word is dying) for our odd shaped living room. More on that in another post. And when I wasn’t throwing garlic at Weston, I was finally incorporating the Wall O’ Places into the new house.

If you remember, I made eight framed state initials to represent all the places we have lived between the three (me, Clay, and the little guy) of us. I knew I wanted to do a large scale collage piece on a wall in our family room that will not host any furniture, due to the proximity of the hall entrance. Here is the wall the day we received the keys…


These are the pieces I wanted to use for the collage. There are the Wall O’Places states, a trio of family/maternity photographs by Crystal Butler, a photograph I took of Weston and a large tree, a chocolate lab print I found at HomeGoods about five years ago, my beloved H, and our family sign I made when we first moved into our NC house.

I didn’t like my original layout so I switched things up a little bit. I moved the states Clay and I were born in (OH and MI, respectfully) to the top left corner to help balance out the piece. There is great beauty of laying everything out on the floor before breaking out the hammer and nails.

This next step I can not take credit for – it is all Young House Love. I just simply used an old Wired Magazine (a favorite in this house) to create the dimensions for each piece. I hung each paper piece on the wall, fiddled around with placement, and then measured the place to put each nail. I then tore off the magazine paper once I was convinced that everything was even steven. Seriously, how incredible of an idea is that? It makes hanging multiple pictures/pieces of art so much easier.

And here it is in all of it’s glory. We absolutely love it. However, it isn’t finished (what ever is?). I am sure we will add to it – I am keeping my eyes peeled for a small map of Afghanistan to represent the 28 months (and possibly more) Clay has spent there. And I would like to add another picture of Weston at some point. And a small little Clemson paw. But for now, I think it is a great starting point.


Do you have a collage of your story in your house? If so, what does it look like. Include links to pictures because I am a voyeur at heart and love looking into other peoples homes (did I just write that?). Happy Monday!

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