Family Rules – A DIY Project Inspired by Etsy

by Karen

Family Rules signs have been popping up on the Internet as a must have for your house. I find them adorable so I knew I wanted some sort of Family Rules sign for our Oklahoma house.  Vinyl Crafts has a great selection of subway art, wood signs, wall decals, vinyl decor, and more over at Etsy. I love their interpretation of The Family Rules and I fell in love with one subway sign in particular…


At $50, it is a steal. In fact, I plan on purchasing one as a wedding gift in the very near future. I posted it to my Pinterest and noticed that several people have since repinned the piece. Apparently I am not the only one that loves subway art (psssst – if you’re on Pinterest, you’re welcome to follow me!). I knew I wanted something similar for our entryway (it’s not near grand enough to be called a foyer. And we’re not that classy. I drink Diet Coke out of a can, after all.) and figured that I could make something a little more formal, using the above piece as an inspiration.

This picture was hanging above our guest bed in our house in NC. I think I found it on clearance at HomeGoods a couple of years ago. There is no room for a nautical theme in OK (nearest beach is over 400 miles away – ugh). And with it being a 16 X 20 inch frame, it was the perfect size for what I had in mind.

I removed the sailboat print and reoriented the frame so it was now vertical (this involved putting a new saw tooth picture hanging thing-a-ma-bob on the back – fun times). I had originally planned to use a piece of poster board as the base but when I saw the ribbed cardboard insert that was in the frame, I knew it would provide some added texture to the piece.

I then printed off the ‘rules’ from the computer. I went with white serif font and a black background for added contrast. I alternated the font sizes – anywhere from 70 point to 130 point. Again, this was to provide more visual interest to the piece. The printer started to run out of ink toward the end but I decided to keep the grayish/black color in order to provide (you guessed it) visual interest.

I then painted the ribbed cardboard the same color blue (Nostalgia from Lowes Signature Collection) as Weston’s room and the laundry room. I cut out the rules and arranged them on the floor before I broke out the glue. This project is so easy it should be illegal. And finally, here is the finished project hanging in our entryway. Every time I see it, I become positively giddy.

This is the view from the front door. You can see Step One of our curtain transformation in the background. More on that later this week. I know you’re on the edges of your seat with anticipation. What’s that? You’re not? Oh, that’s okay. I suppose curtains aren’t all that exciting anyway.

I hope you have a fantastic Sunday. I am in charge of the food at fellowship hour after church so hopefully fellow church members don’t start throwing vegetables at me because they hate my cinnamon rolls. I can’t imagine them doing so because my cinnamon rolls are aweseomesauce (yes, I know awesomesauce is a made up word and it is terribly overused but I can’t help myself). Afterwards, we might work on the house some. Or go swimming. Probably swimming. And with that, I bid you farewell.