Pommes Frites

by Karen

Please feel free to slap me for calling french fries pommes frites. I know it makes me sound like a pretentious a**hole but it just looks better than titling the post French Fries. Or Freedom Fries. So I am an Anthony Bourdain fan. I have been since I first read Kitchen Confidential way back when. Clay and I get excited when we’re able to sit down at watch No Reservations and one Christmas, Clay surprised with Tony’s (we’re on a first time basis) Les Halles Cookbook. Before becoming a noted food writer, Bourdain worked his way through kitchens in New York before landing the executive chef position at Brasserie Les Halles. I always enjoy when he makes an appearance as a judge on Top Chef and really enjoy reading his personal essays and archived travel articles.

Earlier this week we made slow-roasted barbeque spare ribs and french fries for dinner. Maybe we were yearning for the South again. Or maybe we were wanting an excuse to cook with Jack Daniels. Whatever the reason, we put on our seersucker suits and got to work while sipping Mint Juleps. Actually, that is not the case – I had a Shiner Blonde and Clay had a Jack and 7Up. Weston really got down with his bad self and indulged in a half juice/half water conncoction.

But this isn’t a post about barbeque spare ribs. Maybe in the future I will discuss my hatred of high-fructose corn syrup filled store-bought barbeque sauce and how making your own sauce elevates a meat into mind-blowing territory. But not now. This is a post about french fries. Specifically, Les Halles Fries as created/documented by Mr. Anthony Bourdain.


Don’t worry, we devoured these shortly after I took the picture.

First, prepare the potatoes to your desire. I prefer a skin-on strip french fry. But you can peel the skin, cut in wedges, or cut in chips. It doesn’t matter – do whatever you want. You see, the key to a perfect french fry is blanching. This means that you fry the potatoes for 6-8 minutes in oil over low-t0-medium heat and then remove from the oil. Let them rest for at least 15 minutes. Then put the potatoes back into oil heated to medium-high. That’s it. After the fries are finished cooking, remove and put on brown paper (a cut paper grocery bag works great). Salt and serve. Enjoy!