First Change to the Backyard {in progress}

by Karen

After the garage sale on Saturday, we put ourselves to work in the backyard. Mulch was on sale at Southerlands (a local hardware/home improvement store that will be receiving a lot of our business) so there was no rest for us this past weekend. Clay was able to fill his truck with mulch, on three separate trips, for a grand total of about $58.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the side of the backyard as it looked shortly after we moved in. The bikes came to the house and were sold at the garage sale. The entire area was dangerous for Weston – filled with holes and sharp objects. All of the stepping stones you see against the fence on the right were haphazardly half buried so we dug them out asap, so the little guy wouldn’t trip.


This side of the yard was pretty much all weeds and we knew that trying to plant grass seed would be a losing battle. Also, the trash can and air conditioner (thank goodness for central air in the Oklahoma heat) hang out in that part of the yard so we wanted a surface that was path friendly. Additionally, the area can get very muddy at the slightest bit of rain so we knew that we had to fix it in a way that would work for outdoor living. Therefore, we decided that mulch was the most cost-effective solution.


First, Clay laid weed barrier netting over the entire area we were wanting to mulch. Because we cleared a lot of stubborn weeds from the area, we decided that laying down a barrier was a good preemptive attack on the little green monsters. We bought about 400 square feet for about $45 and 75 stakes for $12. Clay claims it couldn’t have been an easier and it only took about a half hour to secure the barrier on the area we portioned for mulch. I apologize for not getting a picture of this step, I was too busy tending to a temperamental 19-month-old toddler who is now climbing out of his pack-n-play.


By Saturday evening, the side yard looked as seen as above, and still does as of today. The mulch is down and I was able to use the existing stepping stones to create a patterned walkway. I ran out so I will have to pick up some more to finish the path to the landing where the garbage can sits. We still have to buy decorative edgers (maybe these) and give it more pizazz (jazz hands) so it is a work in progress. But we think it is a step in the right direction and makes a big difference. It was also our first time using red mulch because that is the color du jour out here in Oklahoma. We figure if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!