We Have Clean Clothes

by Karen

Back in April, I discussed our decision to jump into space age laundry. We were waiting until we moved into the house to by said washer and dryer because spending that amount of money is never fun. Unless you’re using it for a vacation to Alaska, which we will be doing later this summer (yippee!). So over Memorial Day weekend, we went to Sears in search of the perfect laundry system for us (basically the best mid-range front-loading system for the least amount of money). We had been looking for awhile and knew that Sears could offer us a better deal than Lowes and the PX on the sets we were interested in.

We chose the LG 3.5 cubic feet washer and the LG 7.1 cubic feet dryer. Everything came in at under $1500, which was our goal. I did go with white because I couldn’t justify extra cost for just a color and we declined the Sears Maintence Program (rip off…read about it here). One of the many reasons we chose LG is because of the 10 year warranty on the motor…huge plus in our book.

We had Clay pick up the set, rather than pay the $85 delivery fee because Sears wouldn’t set up, only deliver…what? So Friday evening, we had friends over to help Clay install the set (much easier said than done) and finished the night with pizza, wings, and beer. And clean clothes!

So we have now officially joined the front-loading craze. And oh. my. gosh. They are AH-MAY-ZING. You know how they say, “Once you go Mac, you never go back (among other things)?”, well it is the same way for front-loading for us. Many others agree because we have officially been accepted into the front-loading cult. In fact, our pastor actually told me all about his front-loading machines during fellowship hour yesterday. He loves his that much. And so do we.

I apologize for the poor pictures, the room is incredibly difficult to photograph.

But you get the general idea.

They’re awesome.