We Didn’t Sell Our Garage

by Karen

I have a pretty good internal alarm clock (completely unrelated to the so-called biological clock). Last night, I set the alarm on my iPhone for 5:15 this morning. Luckily, I woke up at 5:19, but I disappointed that my alarm clock didn’t work (accidently set for weekdays) and the fact that I woke up 4 minutes after my desired time (I pride myself in waking up before my alarm clock). Why wake up at 5:15 on a Saturday morning? Because it was Neighborhood Garage Sale Day!

We did fairly well. Weston did try and take off with the money box. Yes, that is an old caboodle train case…class all the way for this chick. And I did get asked if my car (in background) was for sale. It wasn’t. And it won’t be for awhile because we’re currently best friends forever.

Around 11:30am, I put up a huge sign that said Everything Free. Easy enough, right? We figured we might as well let people take what they want before we load up the car to donate the remaining items to Goodwill. A couple of late deal seekers grabbed a couple of things and then a very nice disabled Vietnam Veteran approach me. He explained that he volunteered at the Ft. Sill Thrift Shop and offered to load up his truck with the remaining stuff and drive it onto post for me. We chatted for awhile about all the various places in the world he had been stationed and about the mission of the Ft. Sill Thrift Shop. A huge smile was on my face when he drive away in his truck. Not only because he was eliminating an errand for me, but because I met a man who sacrificed his health and well-being for our country and who donates hours of his time on the weekends to help military families. Pretty special.

Anybody else out there have a garage sale today?