The Cupcake Atelier

by Karen

Lawton has a cupcake shop located in downtown area. A couple of months ago, Shelly informed me of said fact. Lawton has been pumping money in downtown revitalization, which I fully support. I had been wanting to visit The Cupcake Atelier for some time but their hours are quite odd – Wednesday through Saturday, 10 – 5, I think. You see, they don’t have a website, which I think is the kiss of death for a business in the world today. So I did not know business hours, cupcake selection, or prices. Aside from going into the shop (which I tried on multiple occasions – they were closed. Sigh.), customers are left in the dark. For a nice looking shop in downtown Lawton it is baffling why they don’t have an online presence. Extremely disappointing.

But last week, the little guy and I managed to drive by when the OPEN sign was in the window. Once inside the large space, I saw a small display case and at least 10 tables. We walked up to the display case and were met with about 10 (?) variety of cupcakes. I chose a strawberry, cookies and cream, and (my favorite) the traditional chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. It was almost $9 for three cupcakes, which surprised me because they were a smaller cupcake than those typically seen in cupcake shops. But I am happy to support local business so I handed over my money and accepted the pink box with my three cupcakes.

Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed. To be fair, the frosting was wonderful, not overly sweet and full of flavor. Some of the best frosting I’ve ever encountered. But the actual cake part was very dry…not moist at all. Sadly, this was the case for all three cupcakes. I am sure I will give them another chance in the future but from my experience, the price of the cupcake is not worth the taste.