Too Much Stuff

by Karen

Hello darlin’, it’s wonderful to see you” – Conway Twitty

We moved into the house over the weekend <cue celebration music>. However, a lot of our belongings are still located in North Carolina. We lived with minimal stuff at our apartment and as I’ve mentioned before, we sort of liked it. We had some stuff in a storage unit here in Oklahoma and we have even more stuff in storage in North Carolina. Nothing is in our North Carolina house, seeing as how we have tenants living there now (hip hip hooray!). We will get the stuff (and yes, it is pretty much just stuff) in storage in North Carolina sometime in June.

What is funny is that with the exception of a few items (40″ TV, Kitchen Aid stand mixer, and my Rainbow flip flops), there isn’t much that I really miss in storage. Sure, there is artwork that I envision for the new house, cute shoes, and other kitchen appliances I use occasionally, but for the most part, it is just stuff. And you know what? We are tired of defining ourselves by our possessions and we have way too much stuff that is unnecessary to live a comfortable and successful life. Seriously, it was gluttony at it’s worst. And oh so very embarrassing.

But that is about to change. We have already donated so much stuff that we no longer use on a regular basis. And Clay and I have made a pact to only being items that we are 100% in love with into the rental house. We put every single box of stuff we own in the garage and we will only move an item into the house if there is a place and a purpose for the object. Anything that we’re not so sure about or no longer have use for will be sold, donated, or thrown away. Much to our delight, there is a neighborhood garage sale this upcoming weekend so I have been busy pricing items. I am enjoying it way too much. Way too much. Getting rid of possessions has given me a sense of freedom that is exhilarating.

This past weekend, The Minimalists had a great post – Stop Trying. Basically, instead of trying to live a simpler, more meaningful life, just go ahead and start living it. We’re not going to go too crazy – extreme minimalism doesn’t mesh with our lives at this point in time. But we can afford to streamline our belongings and try to live with as fewer resources than before.

And in case the quote at the top of the post whet your appetite for some Conway Twitty – here you go…

What have you done to live a simpler and more meaningful life? Any garage sale selling tips? Do you think we’re crazy?