Room Crashing – Bold and Colorful (child)

by Karen

I am very excited to have my very first guest post on My Goal is Simple. Every so often, I am going to feature the decorating and design efforts of everyday people like you and me (e.g. no interior designers). There are so many blogs out there geared toward professional design and while the rooms are ridiculously beautiful, they’re (usually) ridiculously expensive. Thankfully, more and more blogs are emerging focusing on budget friendly design.

My first guest contributor is a wonderfully talented photographer, Christina Vance. Seriously, go check out her work at Christina Vance Photography. I know you will be as blown away as I am by her work. She photographed my nephew as a newborn and if we lived closer, I would totally have her capture my little family. Be sure to check out her photography blog too! So without further ado, here is Christina discussing how her adorable room for her oldest son came to be…


When we moved into our house Dylan had just turned two, still in his crib, we had no idea what we wanted to do with the room. He was still young but we didn’t want a baby theme. So we just waited until the right idea came to mind and was a little older. A room that he could grow into was really important to us not only for budget reasons but for time as well, we didn’t want to be changing his room again in another 3 or 4 years.

I came upon this image on and loved the idea behind it. 


We let Dylan pick out his own paint colors after giving him a bunch of swatches to choose from, oddly enough they are the colors of his 3 favorite Thomas the Tank Engine trains (Percy, James and Thomas). Neither one of us wanted to tackle the stripes, me being 7 months pregnant with baby #2 and Brian working an hour away, we just didn’t have the time to do a job like this . I had seen a friend’s bathroom that had stripes a few months prior and asked who their painter was…in comes John McLiman to the rescue! He was great and FAST! John finished the whole room in a day and was so incredibly patient with Dylan who just wanted to “help”. 

After the room was done we went and searched for the perfect bed for someone who loves taking toys to bed. We found this very budget friendly and sturdy bed with shelves and under drawer storage at Dylan picked out his sheets, his quilt, lamp, and disco ball. :)

A red magazine rack from Home Goods serves as his book holder and when he isn’t waking us up at 6 am, he is usually playing cars and trains on his run in the mornings.

The dresser was my husband’s when he was a baby.

The room came out great. Dylan loves it and it’s so him – fun and energetic. In my mind when we first moved into our house, I had this idea of a modern bedroom with muted blues and greens but that wasn’t Dylan at all.

I think it’s important to take  a child’s opinion (if they are able to do so) when doing their room. It makes them feel more like it’s theirs, the fact that they helped put it together and picked out some of the details.

It definitely is still a work in progress but  encompassing Dylan’s personality and who he is as a little boy is what we tried to achieve and I think we did just that.

Sheets: Walmart
Quilt: Target
Wall Art: Hand made canvas’ and letters painted by Dylan
Road Carpet: Walmart
Blue chair and Book rack: Home goods – Southshore
Painter: John McLiman


Thank you very much, Christina! I love how she incorporated her son’s personality into the room and let him be part of the design process. Too often, I think parents overlook this important detail. And to all of those reading out there – thank you for reading! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. And while doing so, try not to forget the true reason for the holiday.