A Very Brady Master Bedroom

by Karen

I love the idea of a master bedroom – an entire room dedicated to the heads of the household. It is so feudal – in a “Bow to me, plebeians!” sort of way. The notion of a master suite (room + bathroom + sitting {if you’re super fancy}) is a relatively new development and one that I support 100%. Lucky for us, our rental house has a master suite (sans sitting area) that can serve as Clay and I’s private oasis in rural Oklahoma. Here is the bedroom as it was the day we received the keys.

It is of decent size (owners had a California King bed), with decent light, and decent attitude. Basically, it is a decent room. But decent isn’t good enough for us. We need a place we can retreat and hide from Weston. A place to relax and ponder the meaning of life. And a place where I can look around and say, “Bow to me, plebeians!” Just kidding. Sort of.

We always liked the color of our bedroom in our first apartment in New York – an orangey yellow. And the more I lived with our minty lime bedroom walls in North Carolina, the more I grew to dislike the color. So I decided to use our first marital bedroom as an inspiration and paint the walls an orangey yellow.

I settled on Homestead Resort Tea Room Yellow from the Valspar National Trust for Historic Preservation Collection at Lowes. Side note – every color we have chosen for our home thus far has been from the National Trust for Historic Preservation Collection. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for bold and classic colors.

Back to the color – Homestead Resort Tea Room Yellow. It is bright. Perhaps a bit brighter than I was going for. In fact, as I was applying the paint, I couldn’t help but sing ‘It’s a Sunshine Day’ by the The Brady Bunch. You know how it goes…


I think I’ll go for a walk outside nowThe summer sun’s callin my nameI hear ya now.I just can’t stay inside all day.I gotta get out get me some of those rays.Everybody’s smilin’Sunshine dayEverybody’s laughin’Sunshine dayEverybody seems so happy todayIt’s a sunshine day.

I’m not going to lie, the song puts a smile on my face. As does the color of our master bedroom. As you can see, it certainly is an orangey yellow but I have faith that the color will begin to sing once our furniture is in the room.

We haven’t decided how to tackle the tray ceiling yet – I figure the idea will come to me once we have been living in the room for a little awhile. You know, when I am thinking of the plebeians.