Guest Bathroom – Too Neutral?

by Karen

Here is the guest bathroom as is the day we took possession of the house. Yes, it was the same color as the ‘before‘ kitchen. The bathroom itself is in decent shape. The owners updated the light fixture, countertop (granite-like laminate), and mirror so I can’t complain. But I can grumble about the color. Grumble.

Remember my post bidding farewell to Colonel Mustard? I mentioned that the original color I purchased for the family room, Milestone, ended up being far too light for the space. I originally planned to paint the bathroom the same color green as the kitchen, but decided to brighten things up with Milestone instead. You know, using the paint I had rather than purchase ($$$) more.

(in progress)

Believe it or not, this was the second coat. That turquoise was a stubborn bastard. Clay and I actually began to paint the bathroom on Thursday afternoon before he left for a TDY. It didn’t help that the turquoise was a semi-gloss finish and Milestone is an eggshell. Add in the fact that we were in a tight enclosed space, and before long, the fumes were starting to get to us. After hallucinating a bit, we decided to call it a day before giving the bathroom a third coat and painting the ceiling (it needed it, badly).

(in progress)

For as much as I love painting, I am not a huge fan of bathrooms. Painting around a toilet is never fun. And if you look closely at the picture above, you can see the turquoise along the edge of the shower. The x-acto knife is calling my name.

Over the weekend, I finally finished painting the guest bathroom. Three coats of paint for the walls and two coats on the ceiling – turquoise no more. I threw up a temporary shower curtain to hide the funky shower head.  You can’t tell in the picture (I must learn how to properly use my camera) but in the (artificial) bathroom light, Milestone looks like a greenish beige. I am thinking of maybe introducing a stripe into the action. Or diamonds. Or something else to break up the vast neutral space. Any ideas?