Apartment Living in Oklahoma

by Karen

I have fond memories of apartment living during college and our first years of marriage. I adored our first apartment as a married couple. It was in Sackets Harbor, New York, on the shore of Lake Ontario, and within waking distance of great bars, restaurants, and cute shops. Living in the resort town was quite special and we are determined to go back someday. Northern New York hasn’t seen the last of us.


But this post isn’t about how much we miss Sackets Harbor. Rather, I would like to discuss how living in an apartment in Oklahoma has only soured my attitude about multi-dwelling buildings in wide open spaces. City living – that’s another story. But in Oklahoma, apartment living has been soul killing. Okay, perhaps that is a bit dramatic but if the experience has taught us anything, we have learned to appreciate single family dwellings in a whole new light. We signed the lease knowing it would be temporary – just until we found a house to rent. Here we are almost 5 months later and we are so ready to move on.

The floor plan is fine. It is 1100 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and has decent closet space. Honestly, it is plenty of space for our little family of three, plus a dog and a cat. But the quality of construction leaves a lot to be desired. If anything, it is disheartening to know that a company would stand behind inferior work just to widen the profit margin. Interestingly, our apartment complex prides itself on being Lawton’s only luxury apartments. I am sorry, but stick on laminate wood floors, subpar oak cabinets, cheap carpet, and formica countertops luxury does not make. Even in Oklahoma.

We chose the apartment complex because of it’s location to Ft. Sill and the fact that it is gated. Not knowing the area, we chose to pay a bit more for piece of mind. However, there is a not so nice neighborhood nearby and I don’t think a night has passed without police sirens being heard in the distance. Yikes. The picture above is the dining room/living room area before we moved in.

And here is the room after we moved in.

See, it’s not so bad.

Another view.

A little bare, but it works.

Here are the infamous stick on linoleum wood floors. You can’t tell in this picture, but little particles of food and dust get caught in the seams, therefore making cleaning these floors darn near impossible. Even better? Whoever the installed (ha!) the floors did an awful job and there are sharp uneven edges all over. Fun times. Especially for big toes.

The best part of living in this apartment? We’re not allowed to hang curtains. The sun sets on the side of the only window in Weston’s room. Because the little guy has a bedtime of 7pm, it is still bright outside when it is time for him to call it a night. What better way to block out the sun than to hang a fitted sheet with a tension shower rod and pull the ends around the window sill? Yes, our son has been living in a room with a fitted sheet for a curtain. Only the best for our little guy.

So that is a quick view of our first home during our time in Oklahoma. It isn’t luxurious. It isn’t grand. And it certainly isn’t beautiful. But it served it’s purpose and provided us with a roof over our head while we searched for something better. I can’t say that I will look back fondly at the place, but I will always remember it.